Oliver B. Baty

Web Developer

(312) 324-3343 · obbaty@gmail.com · · · · ·

Summary of Qualifications

  • Twelve years of web programming experience in all points of the application development process, including user interface, accessibility, database design, security and performance
  • A deep fondness for web standards and programming best practices
  • Proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expertise
  • Strong back end development skills with wide skill set
  • Strong experience with installing and configuring LAMP and WAMP stacks
  • A demonstrated ability to quickly learn new technologies and languages
  • Detail oriented, with excellent analytical, problem-solving, communication, and documentation skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced team environment
  • Attention to detail with emphasis on accuracy and quality
  • Ability to prioritize work to balance multiple projects and deadlines

Technical Skills

  • Technologies: HTML (HTML5), XHTML, CSS (CSS3), PHP 5, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, XML, JSON, Apache Web Server, Windows 7, VMware, Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora), Windows Server 2008 R2, Familiarity with many other web technologies (ASP, SQL Server, IIS, etc.)
  • Applications: Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager, Microsoft Office 2010 (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote), VMware Workstation, VMware Server, Adobe Acrobat X, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Libraries: jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, script.aculo.us, SWFUpload, TinyMCE
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Markup: Schema.org microdata, hCard, hCalendar and other Microformats


  • Desktop Engineer

    · Vedder Price P.C. · Chicago, Illinois · 2012–Present
    • Responsible for the overall design, development, implementation and maintenance of the Windows 7 desktop environment and Windows Server 2008 R2 Citrix desktop environment
    • Manage and maintain the Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager environment, including a single primary site server and six distribution points
    • Configure the desktop environments through Group Policy and secure them through a combination of BitLocker, Windows Firewall rules, AppLocker rules and NTFS permissions
    • Define problems, identify possible causes, and work with the other members of the Desktop Engineering team to select and implement solutions using Group Policy, VBScript, Scheduled Tasks and custom C++ executables
  • Web Developer

    · Ardamis.com · Chicago, Illinois · 2005–Present
    • Apply a wide breadth of technical skills, knowledge, and experience in designing, developing, and deploying web sites and applications for various clients
    • Design and code intuitive, standards-compliant, browser-agnostic web sites using HTML5, XHTML, CSS (CSS3), and JavaScript
    • Develop elegant database-driven web applications using PHP, MySQL and Ajax
    • Consult and advise on organic search engine optimization, SEM strategy and marketing communications
  • IT Help Desk Analyst

    · Vedder Price P.C. · Chicago, Illinois · 2008–2012
    • Provided hardware- and software-related technical support for 500+ users
    • Performed root-cause analysis and incident post-mortem, and proposed recommended actions and behaviors to prevent recurrence
    • Worked with IT infrastructure and network architects to identify congestion and misconfigurations, such as duplex mismatches
    • Worked with desktop engineering and systems administrators to troubleshoot errors and problems with package contents and application deployments (SCCM), and produced VBScripts for automating various repetitive processes
  • Legal Proofreader

    · Vedder Price P.C. · Chicago, Illinois · 2005–2008
    • Identified and corrected spelling, grammar, and verbiage errors in complex legal documents
    • Detected formatting and compositional errors in documents
    • Checked corrected proofs of legal documents against mark-up for comparison and quality assurance
    • Handled sensitive and/or confidential documents and information
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist

    · Box 7 Media · Chicago, Illinois · 2004–2005
    • Developed and implemented SEO strategies to maximize rankings and conversions
    • Performed keyword analysis, SEO copywriting, landing page optimization, conversion rate optimization, and A/B testing
    • Provided recommendations for content development in coordination with SEO goals
    • Analyzed business functions for optimization opportunities and to provide management insights
  • Freelance Web Developer

    · Various Clients · Chicago, Illinois · 2000–2005
    • Designed, built and maintained hand-coded web sites using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Focused on clean, well-formatted, and easily maintainable code using Evrsoft's 1st Page 2000, Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy and TopStyle


  • Miami University

    · Oxford, Ohio · 1992–1998
    • Major: English Literature
    • Minor: Interdisciplinary Studies
    • Coursework in English Literature, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, Linguistics and Philosophy


Howdy. My name is Oliver Baty, and I am a web developer based in Chicago.

I started designing web sites in 2000, with my first commercial site going live in 2001. My contract work is mainly HTML and CSS, but I'm pretty good with PHP, MySQL and JavaScript and I enjoy developing neat little web applications.

My regular, 9-to-5 job for the past 4 years has been in technical support and before that I spent a few years as a legal proofreader. These seemingly disparate roles were both rewarding and I enjoyed the analytical (and sometimes creative) thinking and problem-solving of IT just as much as the adherence to recognized standards and fine attention to detail and correctness of proofreading. There may not always be an opportunity for perfection, but there's usually a potential for improvement.

I consider myself to be a pretty handy guy, both technically and mechanically (I can replace an alternator or a kitchen faucet, and I once fixed a neighbor's inkjet printer with toothpicks and superglue).


The most direct way to reach me is by phone at (312) 324-3343 or as ardamis on Twitter


You can connect with me as Oliver Baty on LinkedIn and Oliver Baty on Facebook, and you can follow me as ardamis on Twitter. I contribute as ardamis on GitHub.


Here are a few projects that I've worked on.

A more complete list can be found on the Portfolio page at Ardamis.com.

Web Applications

· HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
A URL shortener web application. It converts long URLs to something shorter by using a base-62 numbering system and a database. It comes with an API and a bookmarklet.

· HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
A dice-roller web application that lets any number of people roll die and observe the rolls of others. Just enter a username, create a room, invite your friends, and start rolling dice. Intended for people who want to play table-top dice games with their distant friends.

· HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
A trouble-ticketing system for an IT help desk or technical support center. It's really pretty extensive, with asset management, user accounts, salted encrypted passwords, etc.

An invoice tracking and client-access system for keeping tabs on invoices paid and outstanding, while also offering clients a means to pay online.

An account-based document access system for sharing one or more documents, where access requires a key comprised of a long string of characters.

· HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
An easy-to-use HTML auction template generator. Upload images via SWFUpload, enter a title and description, format everything with tinyMCE, and output HTML that can be copied and pasted into an eBay auction.